It's an e-wallet that come with a prepaid debit Mastercard. Ideally to say BigPay account is having 2 way of payment methods (e-wallet and a physical card) . The beauty is that you can use BigPay card locally and also any where around the world with over 35.9 million Mastercard merchants. Don't be surprise you don't have to activate for the international transaction for paying abroad. Bigpay does not charge bank fees for overseas transaction. They even waived unconditionally the annual fees. If you explore more there are a lots of pretty features attached to it! "One day BigPay will be worth more than AirAsia" - Tony Fernades

  • FREE SIGNUP with FREE RM10 (Referral Code : SKE1PCJRRN)

  • REEL EXCHANGE RATE paying abroad! Aproximately and no extra charges!

  • Instant Money Transfer either send or receive for FREE!

  • Don't have to pay any booking fees with AirAsia!

  • Earn BIG Points for free flights!

  • Android and Apple Application Access!

  • Expense Tracking!

  • Security Notification!

  • Hassle free TOP-UP!

  • Physical Mastercard for worlwide usages!

  • Refer to your friends and get REWARDED!

Extra Offer

Once you get your BigPay ready, you should also sync it with your AirAsia BIG Loyalty account. On your homescreen of BigPay app, click on the points icon (looks like an A in a circle) in the top right corner. Click 'Sync your AirAsia BIG Points' and enter your login details to sync your two accounts. You can also SIGNUP for an AirAsia account in case you don't have one. So what are waiting for, follow this steps how register a BigPay account!! Never miss any chance, because sometime chances just never come twice.


This post contains a referral. By using our referral, We will earn RM10 once you activate your card. You will also get RM10. The referral code that you're going to use is SKE1PCJRRN. Please take note that there is a number 1 (One) beteween capital letter E and P.

Steps How To Register and Get Your FREE RM10

1. After you download the BigPay App (Google Play Store / iOS) ;

2. Go through the registration process which goes in the following order;

  • 2.1 Select Country of Residence

    • You actually have to select Malaysia. If you select any other country and proceed, it will say "We are not there yet!" and ask for your email so you can be notified when BigPay does eventually expend there. They don't ask for utility bills or anything of the short, so "proof of residence" is not actually required.

  • 2.2 Nominate a phone number (it seem non-Malaysia numbers are fine) to receive a OTP (one-time PIN).

  • 2.3 Set a PIN to login to the BigPay app on your phone.

  • 2.4 Personal Details. The key ones being :

    • Email

    • Name (as per IC/Passport)

    • DOB (Date of Birth)

    • Nationality

    • Referral Code : SKE1PCJRRN

    • Address (and Mailing Address)

  • 2.5 Take a photo of your IC/Passport and selfie of yourself as part of the verification process. Finally, submit. At this point you need to wait for a notification from BigPay before you can initiate the next steps. Once verication is complete ...

3. Top up RM20 to your account (don't worry you can use it later on) - this is required, otherwise 2 things will happen :

  • 3.1 Your card will not get sent out;

  • 3.2 You wil not receive "FREE RM10"

Benefits that You Will Have After Activation!

1. Definitely FREE RM10

2. It's a Prepaid Card (Security and Control)

3. Waives International and Foreign Transaction Fees (List of fees on their official page)

4. Earn some AirAsia Points for each Transaction and Top-Up! (Page with information around AirAsia points earn rates)

5. You can top it up with a Credit Card

6. Refer again to BigPay Amazing Offers

The Ideal Time To Use BigPay Card

If you would like to observe and campare the best time to take advantage is on BigPay exchange rate when travelling overseas.  As you know BigPay is not charging any bank fees for overseas transaction like the other banks do. The only charge that you're going to cover (bear in mind) is the Mastercard exchange rate listed on their website and which is standard service rate they charge to any other banking industries. This is how you can save some of your money compare to the other charge cards. Isn't that cool and look 'gorgeous'!

Instead Of Going To Foreign Exchange Shops Use BigPay Card

If you're planning to travel overseas, the first thing that you have in mind is going to check the exchange rate with the foreign exchange shops or any local banks. Unless you don't bother to pay any amount of money by using any banks charge cards. But don't be surprise that they are going to charge you between 5-10% for their exchange rate service and maybe some more 'professional' hidden cost. Don't blame them because this is how they make tons of money!

This is where BigPay card service come in but of course it's not going to be free, anyway you still can save some of your money. The idea is to get the real exchange rate through ATM withdrawal machine service by BigPay. They are charging RM6 for one time withdrawal from any local ATM and RM10 at a foreign ATM. Meaning to say the RM10 service charge you pay is going to be far less than the fees that you will have to pay with the traditional way. In simple calculation, if you withdrawn RM100 at foreign ATM, BigPay will charge you RM10 per withdrawal; however if you withdraw RM1000 they still charge you RM10 which is only 1%. This is how BigPay make your day wonderful.

Use BigPay Card To Get AirAsia Processing Fee Waived

As you know BigPay is another product belongs to AirAsia, so it is their marketing business strategy for AirAsia attract more customers using their airline  and other services. Not only that, AirAsia are offering FREE RM10 for eligible applicants interested using their BigPay card. 

To strengthen their promotional strategy on BigPay card, AirAsia is waiving their processing fee for those using BigPay card. You can easily make a total saving estimated around RM4 to RM48. That really a smart move man!

Frequently Asked Questions

Signing Up

How do I get BigPay app?

You can download directly from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

How do I sign up for BigPay?

It will only take 3 easy steps. (1) Fill in personal detail; (2) Verify your identity with IC/Passport and a Selfie (3) Lastly add RM20 into your account.

How much does cost to sign up BigPay?

It's FREE! All you need to do is to add RM20 into your account.

Who can use BigPay?

All Malaysia residents above 18 years old.

Card Usage?

Where Can I Use BigPay Card?

You can use it at over 35.9 million Mastercard merchants worlwide.

Do I need to tell BigPay when travelling abroad?

NO! You can use BigPay card abroad without telling them (Restricted to North Korea and Iran).

How do I check the exchange rate for overseas card usage?

BigPay does not charge bank fees for overseas transaction. You can refer to the exchange rate listed on Matercard's website.

How do I set up my PIN?

You can setup 6 digit PIN during activation or in the app via card.


Should I Apply To Use This Card?

The answer will be definitely YES! Since all the application for  is done online and and offered FREE, there is no reason not to get one. What more to say if you happen to be a frequent traveller and needs a lots of foreign currency, BigPay will be your savior for cost saving!